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RBC Bearings ("RBC", NASDAQ:ROLL) RBC MRO Services brand is a strategic alignment of our four FAA Part 145 aircraft/engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul ("MRO") facilities: Sargent Avborne, Airtomic, KAHR Bearing, and RBC Turbine Components ("TCI"). This alignment will allow us to provide a broader spectrum of our exceptionally engineered MRO solutions, create a consistent customer service experience, and expound our MRO network from coast-to-coast of the United States.

We are excited to utilize the innovation, quality, and commitment that has led RBC into becoming a leading international manufacturer in the industrial, defense, and aerospace industries to deliver a world class MRO organization.

Kahr Bearing
5675 West Burlingame Road
Tucson, AZ 85743

Phone: (520) 744-1000
Toll Free: (800) 230-0359
Fax: (520) 744-9494
Performance of landing gear bearing reline service for a variety of aircraft platforms. All relines are done using RBC,s KAHR-Lon®liner systems. A hybrid blend of homogenous ear coat overlay on a fiber reinforced adhesion surface, offers chip/flake proof liner with unmatched wear resistance. KAHR is authorized to perform relining service on most landing gear components, including those lined by competitive liner systems. KAHR-Lon® lining systems outperform and outlast competitive systems, and can mostly be done in two weeks.
Kahr have been at the forefront of many retrospective design jobs where older components are proving too costly and more effective longer lasting components are required. The Kahr product range covers: Spherical Bearings, Standard Mil-Spec series, Lined Metal to Metal, Entry slot, Bushings (Journals), Standard Mil-Spec series, Lined, Metal to Metal, Gland nut types.

Sargent Avborne
7500 NW 26th Street
Miami, FL 33122

Phone: (305) 593-6038
Toll Free: (800) 230-0359
Fax: (305) 513-5365
Sargent Avborne is a certified FAA 145 repair station in Miami, Florida. We specialize in hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, and wheel & brake repair, as well as having continued focus on improving TAT and quality.
Why Customers choose us:
Hydraulics Fast TAT, Extensive Capabilities, End-to-end in-house repairs, Exceptional quality and customer value. Pneumatics — State of the art equipment — Experienced technicians — Industry leading repairs — Avionics —Electric Accessories —Electromechanical
CSD/IDG — Experienced cross-trained technicians — Rapid TAT — Long service line of repairs Rewind — Skilled technical staff — Rewind, repair, and recondition starters and rotors — OH Service for main components and subassemblies Electrical — State of the art equipment — Experienced technicians — Industry leading repairs — Avionics — Electronic Accessories — Electromechanical Wheels & Brakes — Full repair and OH capabilities for the 6 major wheel and brake manufacturers — Commercial —Military —Regional —Corporate

RBC Turbine Components
8985 Crestmar Pt
San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: (858) 678-8568
Fax: (858) 678-0703
RBC Turbine Components (TCI) sets new standards in the repair and manufacture of aircraft gas turbine engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) assemblies. TCI utilizes cutting-edge technologies, advanced processes, and enhanced materials to improve product performance.
TCI specializes in overhaul and repair of: Combustion liner assemblies, Combustor cases/housings, Honeycomb construction exhaust nozzles (titanium and stainless steel), Structural strut cases (inlet, intermediate, turbine exhaust, free turbine), Bearing supports, Ducts (inlet, transition, exhaust), Cases (compressor, turbine, gas generator), Plenums and sump housings, Compressor stator assemblies, Compressor blade tip restoration.
TCI also manufactures new assemblies: Combustion liner assemblies, Combustor cases/housings, Load compressors, Plenums and sump housings, Inlet cases, Exhaust silencers, Avionics heat sink housings, Specialty gas turbine static hardware.

215 Industrial Drive
Franklin, IN 46131

Phone: (317) 738-0148
Toll Free: (800) 230-0359
Fax: (317) 738-0162
Airtomic has provided products and services for more than 60 years. We repair and overhaul rigid ducting for all engines and aircraft. Airtomic maximizes the value to our customers with over 2,000 OEM repairs, reducing scrap with TATs averaging less than 10 days. Our solutions include DER repairs which fill the void where no repair exists and solve problems which extend the service life of your product. In addition to DERs, we have patented PMA pneumatic couplings, designed to last 3 to 5 times longer than the existing technology. These couplings are serviceable, allowing for the sealing elements to be replaced, saving the machined hardware.
Please allow us to the opportunity to review how we provide the best value over the OEM and your current suppliers.

Engine Platforms
— CF6-80C2/80E1
— CFM56-5A/B/C 7B
— RB211-535
— PW4000
— GE90
— V2500

Kahr Bearing

Landing gear bearing reline service for numerous aircraft platforms

PHONE: (520) 744-1000 TOLL FREE: (800) 230-0359 FAX: (520) 744-9494

Sargent Avborne

Hydraulic, pneumatic , electric , wheel & brake , CSD/IDGs and rewind capabilities

Phone: (305) 593-6038 Toll Free: (800) 230-0359 Fax: (305) 513-53654

TCI RBC Turbine Components

Engineerined solutions for aero turbine engine hot section

Phone: (858) 678-8568 Fax: (858) 678-0703


PMA/DER solutions for aero turbine engine ducing

Phone: (317) 738-0148 Toll Free: (800) 230-0359 Fax: (317) 738-0162
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